Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camryn's Birth Story

On October 11, 2011, Camryn Hope was born via planned c-section! She arrived at 6:07pm, weighing 7lbs 9oz and measuring 20.75 inches.

I had a planned c-section since Caitlin was born via c-section. I was really afraid that I would have the same issues again so I opted for it. My c-section was scheduled for 5:30pm on October 11th.

We dropped Caitlin off at daycare and headed out for breakfast. I had to stop all food and liquids by 9:30am. We spent the day packing and finishing up loose ends. We went over around 2pm to get Caitlin with Tom's sister since she would be watching her while we were in the hospital. Caitlin went home with her Aunt and we headed to the hospital. We arrived around 3pm. We waited a bit and I noticed that I was having contractions. We finally got called back after what seemed like forever! I was sent to triage and they started all the paperwork. I got my IV and got very lightheaded. They said it does happen every so often. We waited in Triage for the doctors to arrive. I was very nervous and kept checking the clock. I was really afraid of getting the spinal and wanted that part over! It was beyond 530pm and the doctors hadn't arrived yet. I really just wanted to get in the OR!!! They finally arrived and were getting ready when all of a sudden, the nurse was like can you walk to the OR? They are trying to bump us and we need to get in now before they bump us! So, we practically ran to the OR.

I got up on the table to receive my spinal and was soooo terrified. Fortunately, my doctor was there and holding my hand. I remember her saying, be careful, these hands have to operate on you very soon! I ended up leaning forward and hugging the nurse. It stung a bit but it was over quickly. As I got back down on the table, I felt awful. Everything got very fuzzy and I felt very out of it. I kept telling them I don't feel good. My blood pressure had dropped which they said is common after the spinal. I was given medicine and felt much better. It seemed like it took forever for them to get the baby out. She kept telling me that everything was fine and we were in no hurry so they were taking their time. At one point, I heard them say we may need to vacuum her out. I was like huh?! This is a c section! Apparently, she was tucked in there very nicely. They get telling Tom to get ready and then, wait! LOL Finally, she was out and brought right over to me. They weighed her and we were all surprised by her 7lbs 9oz, nothing compared to her 10lb sister at birth.

We were in the OR for a very long time after it seemed. I kept asking if everything was okay and they told me it was. Again, no hurry! but, after surgery, she did say that she was concerned about all the bleeding and that was why it seemed to take so long. Plus, they tied my tubes. She also told me that I was 3cm dilated already and having regular contractions.

Caitlin's Birth Story

On Wednesday, July 8, I had an appt with my ob. The prior day, I had seen the peri who did my weekly NST and BPP. They also did a growth scan which showed Cate was measuring two weeks ahead and 9 pounds 2 ounces. Of course, being we did IVF, we know that my dates aren't off. The Peri suggested that if I was in a position to be induced, that it was time.

So, I went in to meet with my OB. I had progressed to 2cm from the prior visit where I wass only 1/2 cm. I'm not sure what happened but before I knew it, my OB was on the phone with the hospital giving them instructions on my inducement. I figured she'd be like, ok, let's do it Friday, not let's do it NOW. I started crying, completely caught me off guard. My husband was with me but in separate cars as he was going to go into work. We headed home to get my bag, clean up a bit and headed over to the hospital.

We got there around noon or so. Pam was my nurse and when I was walking down the hall, I just started to cry, I was terrified. They got me set up, took blood for the cord blood banking and set up my IV. Around 2pm, they started pitocin. Dr. Chen was on call and she tried to break my water but NO luck. Around 6pm, she checked me and I had made NO progress, still at 2cm. Of course, each doctor is different but still, nothing was happening. So, she suggested two things, I could continue pitocin or stop, get a shower, some food and we'd start cyotec to soften my cervix at 10pm that night, start pitocin again in the morning. I really wish that's what they would have done from the start!!! So, she suggested going w cyotec and that's what I was leaning towards so we stopped, I ate a salad from Panera and got a shower.

At 10pm, the nurse started cyotec. I really didn't care for this nurse at all. They also gave me two ambien. Dr. Rudolph was now the doctor on call. She was awesome! She told me that they'd do cyotec every four hours unless I was asleep since I needed the rest. I got another cyotec at 6am and at some point, they started pitocin again. I can't remember when. Later that day, Dr. Rudolph broke my water I think it was about 2pm. From there on out, things progressed and quickly. I started having regular contractions and became uncomfortable. It did start to become painful and I wasn't sure how long it'd take to get an epi so I decided to just get it. He came pretty quickly, I was surprised. It wasn't too bad getting it, kinda uncomfortable as the nurse was pushing down on my head. I had asked if I could sit indian style but he said no, legs over the edge. Then, after he did it, he was like, that might have made it easier as I could have hunched over more. UH, DUH!!

The epi was great, made me feel comfortable and I was definitely having regular strong contractions that I couldn't feel!!! Dr. Rudolph checked me again at 6 or so and I was at 5cm!! She said, she guessed the baby would arrive anywhere from 8 - midnight. Around 9pm, I was really feeling pressure. My mom checked w the nurse and she finally checked me around 9:30. I really felt the need to push. She was like, eh, yeah, the baby is RIGHT there! they called the doctor who was on the way to the other hospital. nice. She got there around 10pm and I started pushing. At some point, I started feeling the contractions so they called to get me some meds and sure enough, my epi line came undone. wonderful. The put it back and things became much better as I could rest inbetween pushes now. Around 12:15am, the doctor told me if I can't get this baby out in 15minutes, we're talking c-section. I told her, just c-section me!!! I could tell, I would feel her come down, go back. I didn't feel her moving out anymore. Sure enough, come 12:30, I was getting prepped for surgery. They came in to get me more meds and prepped Tom as well. I felt the last three contractions and they were awful. I was grabbing onto the bed rail and curled up into a ball.

I was wheeled into surgery and all I kept saying was I still feel pressure. It relieved after a bit. My primary doctor came in to assist, I was so glad to see her. She gave me a big hug! They put up the drape and I heard the aneth saying they've already started. Tom was by my side and before I knew it, they said, tom come here, take pictures!! He got to cut the cord and they said to me, here she comes! They put her over the curtain but I didn't get to see her. The first thing the doctor said was ok, well, here's the problem! Your baby is HUGE, big girl! hope you didn't buy alot of newborn clothes! I kept asking if she was ok. Tom brought her over to me and I just kept reaching for her. I think tom was in such awe that he wasn't thinking to bring her closer. It was really hard being on my back and strapped down. I was just so glad she had arrived and was safe!!

Wellness Visit for Cate & Cam

Caitlin Eve turned 2.5 years old. She has gotten so big and turned into such a little person. Her stats at the appointment were 38 1/2 inches (92 percentile) and 40.5 lbs (99 percentile). She started using the potty about 3 weeks ago! and learned how to pedal her tri-cycle. Right now, Dora and Hello Kitty are two of her favorite things! A few months ago, she loved the princesses! Lately, she has been singing no more monkeys jumping on the bed. It is too funny!

Camryn Hope turned 4 months! Her stats at the appointment were 25 inches (72 percentile) and 12lbs 6oz (17th percentile). She got her first double ear infection last week! :( So, she has been on Amoxicillin and not eating as well lately. Camryn is a very happy baby. She is always smiling and if she isn't, it's easy to get her to! Everyone at daycare loves her and I'm always hearing how happy she is and how quickly she is doing thing. She has already rolled both ways.

Caitlin & Camryn!

For several years, I've been blogging on and off about our struggle to have children. I loved blogging so I decided to create this new blog for Caitlin and Camryn! I want to leave that "stuff" behind and move forward to blog about Caitlin and Camryn. I want to blog about their lives. I want to have it documented for them and for me! :)

Here's a bit about them:

Caitlin Eve was born July 10, 2009. After two days in the hospital, she was born via c-section at 1:12am. She weighed 9lbs 15.5oz and was 21 inches long. She was named after her great grandmothers, Catherine and Evelyn. Ironically, she was born on what would have been her Great Grandma Catherine's 100th birthday! We call her Cay Cay, Kit Kat, and Cate!

Camryn Hope was born October 11, 2011. She was born via a scheduled c-section at 6:07pm. She weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. Camryn's first name was chosen because we loved it! and her middle name was chosen because her conception/birth gave us hope! We call her Cam, Camaroo, and Cam Cam.