Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camryn's Birth Story

On October 11, 2011, Camryn Hope was born via planned c-section! She arrived at 6:07pm, weighing 7lbs 9oz and measuring 20.75 inches.

I had a planned c-section since Caitlin was born via c-section. I was really afraid that I would have the same issues again so I opted for it. My c-section was scheduled for 5:30pm on October 11th.

We dropped Caitlin off at daycare and headed out for breakfast. I had to stop all food and liquids by 9:30am. We spent the day packing and finishing up loose ends. We went over around 2pm to get Caitlin with Tom's sister since she would be watching her while we were in the hospital. Caitlin went home with her Aunt and we headed to the hospital. We arrived around 3pm. We waited a bit and I noticed that I was having contractions. We finally got called back after what seemed like forever! I was sent to triage and they started all the paperwork. I got my IV and got very lightheaded. They said it does happen every so often. We waited in Triage for the doctors to arrive. I was very nervous and kept checking the clock. I was really afraid of getting the spinal and wanted that part over! It was beyond 530pm and the doctors hadn't arrived yet. I really just wanted to get in the OR!!! They finally arrived and were getting ready when all of a sudden, the nurse was like can you walk to the OR? They are trying to bump us and we need to get in now before they bump us! So, we practically ran to the OR.

I got up on the table to receive my spinal and was soooo terrified. Fortunately, my doctor was there and holding my hand. I remember her saying, be careful, these hands have to operate on you very soon! I ended up leaning forward and hugging the nurse. It stung a bit but it was over quickly. As I got back down on the table, I felt awful. Everything got very fuzzy and I felt very out of it. I kept telling them I don't feel good. My blood pressure had dropped which they said is common after the spinal. I was given medicine and felt much better. It seemed like it took forever for them to get the baby out. She kept telling me that everything was fine and we were in no hurry so they were taking their time. At one point, I heard them say we may need to vacuum her out. I was like huh?! This is a c section! Apparently, she was tucked in there very nicely. They get telling Tom to get ready and then, wait! LOL Finally, she was out and brought right over to me. They weighed her and we were all surprised by her 7lbs 9oz, nothing compared to her 10lb sister at birth.

We were in the OR for a very long time after it seemed. I kept asking if everything was okay and they told me it was. Again, no hurry! but, after surgery, she did say that she was concerned about all the bleeding and that was why it seemed to take so long. Plus, they tied my tubes. She also told me that I was 3cm dilated already and having regular contractions.

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